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Kronos on top in Groningen

| Roy van Zijl

You are probably all familiar with the saying: 'There is nothing like Groningen'. During the NSK Meerkamp, ​​our Kronauts proved once again that nothing beats Kronos. Roy and Michelle took the Dutch student title in the decathlon and heptathlon, Merel W the silver in the same heptathlon and Nart the bronze in the multi-run. An extensive report from the sunny far north:

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Competition weekend 2

| Ivo Stapel | 1

Have you ever heard of Gendringen? We neither. Until suddenly the 2nd league match of the 2022 season was organized by the as yet unknown club Atletico '73. With the Olympic delegation of the D.A.V. Kronos we go to the Achterhoek by car or the "burgercaterpillar" around sunrise. After a long journey, the first athletes appeared for their event.

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Kronos wins the 50th Batavierenrace!

| Roy van Zijl | 3

50 Kronauts versus running 175 kilometers during the 50th Batavierenrace, from the title of this story you can already guess who won this battle. Whoever predicted a victory for Kronos team 1 prior to the Bata, I (and many others with me) would have declared crazy. Team 2 also performed extremely well, despite the fact that they just missed their goal of the top 50 (among other things due to a very questionable time penalty), so that all of Kronos can look back on a wonderful anniversary edition of the Batavierenrace.

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