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| Iris Visser


On the 19th of October, eleven enthusiastic Kronauts left for the NSK Weg in Wageningen to run a 5k or 10k. After exploring the course thoroughly with each other, Nienke, Vincent B. and Martijn O. sprinted away for the 10k. A few minutes later, Pauline, Jitse, Twan, Thijs B., Loek en Iris started at the 5k. During the race across the campus and meadows of Wageningen, some were suffering, but luckily there were Michelle and Lieke to support them. Despite the strong wind, a few PRs were set. Martijn even became third at the 10k with 35:54! After the award ceremony, everyone rushed back home, because Enschede will always be more ‘gezellig’ than Wageningen.

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NSK Teams

| Jitse van Esch


On Saturday the 14th of September it was that time of the year again, time for the Kronauts to compete with the other student athletic teams on the NSK teams in Nijmegen. It was time for our technical athletes and our runners to show their talents and gather as many points as possible for our men’s and women’s teams. Good results where delivered: at the men’s competition Kronos won the triple jump with a strong first jump of Roy and the high jump was won by Hidde. Furthermore, some good results were delivered by Marnick on discus (3rd place) and javelin by Jitse (also 3rd place). The men’s team achieved a fourth place overall. With the women’s team it went even better: from the first startingshot the relay team (Anna, Annabel, Liselotte and Michelle) won the first silver on the 4x100m. Also, on the Olympic relay the female team (Annabel, Lynn, Merel Wevers and Michelle) managed to get silver again. On the other events the women also did well. Gemma became second on the mile, Renee third on the 3000m, Marjolein second on the 100mH and third on high jump and triple jump, Merel Wevers became third on the 400 and javelin, Lynn became second on javelin and shotput. With all these results the female Kronauten got their well-deserved silver medal.

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Kronos Lustrumweeks

| Annabel Boonman


Last academic year we already saw a number of lustrum activities coming along: The theme announcement evening, the New Year's dinner, The Who is the mole game evening and the trainings weekend. Soon our lustrum period will come to an end and that's what we do with the kronos lustrum weeks:

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NSK Track

| Thijs van Aalten


Thursday morning, 8:09, the train leaves from Enschede to start our long journey to the far north. Fully loaded with stuff, we travel with a small group of Kronauts to Groningen for the NSK track. After some trouble with getting all our luggage on the OV-bikes and pedalling really hard to get to the other side of a very large bridge, we arrive at the home track of Vitalis. A various amount of disciplines are on the schedule these two days and the morecamp group of Kronos decided to participate in a lot of different disciplines. On day 1, 3 medals were won by Kronauts: a gold and silver medal for Marjolein on the long jump and high jump, and a bronze medal for Michelle at the long jump. The highlight of day one was Nart, who decided to take a refreshing dive during the 3000 meter steeple chase. After all the hard work, the well deserved dinner was served. Not everyone liked it however, so we decided to cycle to the nearest Mc Donald’s to continue our dinner there.

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Competitie 2

| Marjolein Bolten


Last Sunday, the 26’th of May, it was already time for the second competition of this year. It was a lot warmer than the last time, so everyone was really excited.

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