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Switch up training at Tartaros Activity

01-May-2019 20:00 Add to Calendar

Survivalrunbaan D.S.S.V. Tartaros, De Hems 20, 7522 NL Enschede

On Wednesday the 1st of May, Kronos has been given the chance to train with the survivalrun association. Are you an athletic person and do you like the outdoors? Then this is a fun opportunity to experience a survivaltraining. Survivalrun is a combination of an endurance- and power sport, so you use all your muscles in different combinations, which makes it an excellent addition to athletics.

De training starts at 20:00 and stops at 21:30, we gather at the survivalrun course which is placed next to the sportcentrum, it is only accessible from the outside. It would be smart to dress in sports clothes that can become a little bit dirty. Please sign up so we can give the trainers at Tartaros an indication of how many people are coming.

We hope to see you all!


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