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Campus puzzel tocht Activiteit

18-mei-2021 20:00 Aan Agenda toevoegen


On Tuesday the 18th of May it is time again for a epic kronos activity. Do you think you are smart enough to solve all the puzzles or is your knowledge about Kronos high enough to answer all the questions? Then enroll for the campus running/biking puzzle tour!!!
The transport between the puzzle's will be of course running, but in case of an injury you can always take the bike :). And you also have to bring a phone, pen and paper, so the pace of running will probably be not that high (but in the end you have to solve the puzzle's as fast as possible).
You can enroll via the website in groups of 2 and then we will match you with another pair to make equal teams, if you don't have a partner we will of course also find a nice team for you! We will start at around 20:00 and let's hope for good weather! :)


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