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NSK Indoor

| Roy van Zijl


A large and green delegation of Kronauts traveled to Apeldoorn for the NSK Indoor last weekend. The group consisted of both indoor veterans for whom the Omnisport center feels like a second home as well as some newbies. Fortunately for them, tour guide Marjolein was present to make them feel welcome in the immense complex. A changeable day followed which contained medals, clubrecords, plenty of personal records as well as some disappointments.

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NSK Cross

| Stan Heijnen


On Saturday, February 15, 19 motivated Kronauts left for Eindhoven for the NSK Cross, though the first fell before they had reached Eindhoven. But many a Kronaut had brought its competitiveness to a higher level, even if only for a short time because they found out that they had to be on the same platform at the 's Hertogenbosch station and could therefore immediately take the escalator down again. Arriving in Eindhoven, the kronauts were taken to the stratumse moorland with the shuttle bus, where the competition was close together, literally and figuratively. On the stratumse moorlanf a beautiful trail was plotted along the Kannunukesven and rietven of 2.3 km, 6.1 km and 8.7 km. The kronauts already started warming up to be able to set a fast time. First it was the men and women of the long cross, with some fantastic results.

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| Stan Heijnen


It would be nice starting by saying that it was an amazing day and the sun was shining however, unfortunately, this would be a LIE.

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NSK Stairway chase

| Stan Heijnen


On Friday the 13th of December was the NSK Trappenloop at the Erasmustoren in Nijmegen.

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| Iris Visser


On the 19th of October, eleven enthusiastic Kronauts left for the NSK Weg in Wageningen to run a 5k or 10k. After exploring the course thoroughly with each other, Nienke, Vincent B. and Martijn O. sprinted away for the 10k. A few minutes later, Pauline, Jitse, Twan, Thijs B., Loek en Iris started at the 5k. During the race across the campus and meadows of Wageningen, some were suffering, but luckily there were Michelle and Lieke to support them. Despite the strong wind, a few PRs were set. Martijn even became third at the 10k with 35:54! After the award ceremony, everyone rushed back home, because Enschede will always be more ‘gezellig’ than Wageningen.

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