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Training thursday 20th of september


Next Thursday (20 September) the training will take place in the FBK station instead of at the Utrack. There will be two options for the training: pole vaulting, or normal running training. But we have also a nice alternative. Because after our training there will be a running race in the FBK stadion and participation is free for Kronauten and people who join the introductiontraining.

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The Olympics are still two years away, however Kronos has decided to organise its own olympics called: The Kronolympics. This track meeting will be held the 30th of september at the UTrack.

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Intro Month schedule


Are you interested in athletics and would you like to come train with us some time? The month of September is the introduction month, which means you can train with us freely for 4 weeks. In the other months you can also come by and train with us once.

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3rd competition


Last Sunday, it was already time for the last competition of the season. This took place in Apeldoorn with no fewer than 22 Kronauten. Accompanied by cheerleader Bas, the men managed to get a 5th place (despite missing the points on the 4x400m, after a nice serie win). The women finished 3rd in the group.

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Last Friday, June 22, the FLAAT team athletics competition took place. We, the committee were delighted with the fiery passion you all showed to win the title of number one. Just a short recap of what has happened. After a short warm up, the teams could show how well they worked together in the 5x200m relay. Following up, each team sparred against a new team each round for the javelin throw, 60m hurdle sprint, 100m sprint and the long jump. There were many diverse teams of participants, from Kronauten to a participant on crutches and the athletics family, the Roskampjes. This made it very nice to see each event. Together with the volunteers and the commentary by Vincent Witmond, who reported the parts with his megaphone, the atmosphere was complete. Lastly, every participant gave their final efforts on the 800m run. With all the events finished, it was time for the award ceremony in the vestingbar. Here Annabel was finally able to receive the prize she had been waiting for since her second place last year, because her team V.A. Coq had won an outstanding first place. The second prize went to the competitive house Piekosaurus, which could only finish before Patio 4.

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