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Campusrun 2021

| Annabel Boonman

Wednesday the 29th of September, it was finally time for the tenth edition of the Kronos Campusloop. After the event had been cancelled two times last year, the committee was keen to make it a successful event.

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Successful NSK Teams in Eindhoven

| Roy van Zijl

On Saturday September 18, 34 Kronauts left for the NSK Teams for the craziest city in the country: Eindhoven. Enschede sent two men's and one women's team in the battle for the best student athletics city. The teams consisted of a nice mix of experienced Kronauts, brand new members and a few import athletes from surrounding associations. It was the first NSK in a long time with a party afterwards, so everyone's enthusiasm was present early on. The organization's choice of music also contributed to this, after all, there's nothing better than Snollebollekes at 10 o'clock in the morning. This was the prelude to a successful day, with a second place for the women's team, a 4th place for the 1st men's team (with a tie for number 3) and a 9th place for the 2nd men's team.

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| Marjolein Bolten

Soon the empty grass field at the UTrack was transformed into a field full of all-around elements. On Wednesday 15 September it was time for the first introduction activity of the year, the Kronolathics! Five strong teams were ready to battle it out. All teams were divided over the 5 different parts. The goal was to collect as many points as possible with your team.

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Promotion competition Gouda

| Michelle van Dorth

Sunday morning 5 September at 6:45 am the alarm went off, a tad early for the last day of the holiday if you ask me. But it was for a good reason: we traveled to Gouda today to compete with 12 men and 10 women for promotion to the second division!

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Introduction day

| Anne Braat

Next Friday (12:30-17:00) we can show kiddos how amazing Kronos isπŸ˜ƒ They can sprint, throw javelin and long jump and we already have trainers for these events. To show them how much fun Kronos is it would be great if you guys also stop by. Hopefully we'll see you there!! πŸ€©πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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