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1st virtual competition

| Lars van der Valk

Last Sunday, the moment was finally there! The first virtual competition was a go and gave 28 Kronauts the chance to get back in the spirits of competition. For many of them, this was their first time experiencing a competition day.

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Batavierenrace 2021

| Roy van Zijl

Last week both the longest (in terms of absolute timespan) and shortest (in terms of distance) Batavierenrace was held. The 49th edition of this beautiful relay unfortunately took place online for the second year in a row. The big advantage; you can run when and wherever you want. A number of Kronauts even did their entire stage on the UTrack!

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NSK Ekiden 2021

| Thijs van Aalten

Last weekend it was time for the online NSK Ekiden 2021. It had been a while since the last NSK took place, to the participants were keen to step up their game. 3 Kronos teams, consisting of 6 people running a marathon together, participated with only one goal: take the win! In order to strengthen the race tension a little more, the teams decided to start together at the Utrack. Everyone created their own route from there, which was only partly successful. Luckily everyone was able to find the Utrack back in the end.

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| Marjolein Bolten

Now that the first weeks of training are over, it is also time for an (old-fashioned) laphap. Which of course stands for a round of running / training (lap) and then eating together (hap :)). Of course in a new format, namely via Discord. But that should not spoil the fun!

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We can train again!

| Koen Kroep

The snow has been melted, Kegel will return to Enschede and the measures for sporting in groups are loosened.

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