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NSK road


Last Sunday hordes of Kronauten woke up in the early morning and travelled to Leiden to compete against other students of all corners of the country at the Dutch Student Championships road. Unfortunately, the other corners were not equally enthusiastic in showing up and therefore the Kronos green was well visible during the race. The race was part of the Leidse Houtloop, a small recreational race of two rounds of 5 km through the park “Leidse Hout”, with many curves and on gravel paths. It was therefore not the best race to run personal records, but rather a good opportunity for Kronos to win points in the Zeus competition and a good opportunity to check what the current form is.

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NSK stairs chase


On friday the 14th of December the NSK stairs chase will take place in Nijmegen. We would like to join with a large group of kronauten and compete for the titles. For more information see the agenda item, and do not forget to enroll yourself! :)

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Recordindoor AC TION


Last Sunday AC Tion organised an indoor competition in Enschede. A number of Kronauten joined and there were some really good results. In the end, Jarin and Jitse cooked a delicious meal to end the day.

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Training thursday 20th of september


Next Thursday (20 September) the training will take place in the FBK station instead of at the Utrack. There will be two options for the training: pole vaulting, or normal running training. But we have also a nice alternative. Because after our training there will be a running race in the FBK stadion and participation is free for Kronauten and people who join the introductiontraining.

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The Olympics are still two years away, however Kronos has decided to organise its own olympics called: The Kronolympics. This track meeting will be held the 30th of september at the UTrack.

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Intro Month schedule


Are you interested in athletics and would you like to come train with us some time? The month of September is the introduction month, which means you can train with us freely for 4 weeks. In the other months you can also come by and train with us once.

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