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NK Month


The NK month started for Marjolein and Merel with the NK pentathlon. At the first event the first clubrecord fell as Marjolein finished in 9.13 seconds and Merel just behind in 9.20 seconds. At the high jump both girls jumped constant with 1.64 en 1.58. Merel did a nice job and equalled her pr with 10.72m on the shot put and jumped to an pr with a 5.38m long jump. Marjolein was just behind her with 5.34m at the long jump. Then it was time for the very beloved 800 meters, Merel was again on the pr hunt and ran an clubrecord of 2.21.24. Merel ended at the 10th place with 3630 points, again a clubrecord, and Marjolein was 12th with 3553 points.

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NSK Cross


Saturday the 26th of January, time to get up. Everything is packed: running shoes, sports attire, sleeping bag, mattras, toothpaste and a concerning lack of spikes. Let’s go to the NSK Cross in the Amsterdamse Bos, starting number to be picked up at the arena. On my way there I run into some skinny people talking about how many guys the girl with the red hair has kissed last night. Three?! “I’m guessing you’re going to the NSK too?” I ask. They are from Groningen they say. This is alright with me, because now I can outsource my sense of direction completely. And indeed after some time of following I find some kind of old barrack with a cricket field and some five Kronauts. I know those people!

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Lustrum theme announcement drink


After a long preparation by the lustrum committee, it was finally time to announce the biggest secret of the past few weeks on Wednesday 12 December. The theme would finally be announced during the only real 'lustrum theme announcement drink'.

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NSK Stair chase


On Friday evening December 14, we traveled to Nijmegen with a whole bunch of Kronauts to ascend the steps of the Erasmus building and to uphold our honor in the battle with the other student athletics clubs. First on the program was the 10 floors. A real sprint distance where you (especially on the last few steps) really have to fight the fatigue. Immediately it turned out that Kronauts could do this like no other, because with Annabel in third, Marjolein in second place and Lieke first for the women, the stage was already flush with Kronos green. Jing Yun also did very well! The men also did very well, with a second place for Gijs and quick times for Twan, Roy, Vincent, Corne, Marnick, Rogier and Sander.

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NSK road


Last Sunday hordes of Kronauten woke up in the early morning and travelled to Leiden to compete against other students of all corners of the country at the Dutch Student Championships road. Unfortunately, the other corners were not equally enthusiastic in showing up and therefore the Kronos green was well visible during the race. The race was part of the Leidse Houtloop, a small recreational race of two rounds of 5 km through the park “Leidse Hout”, with many curves and on gravel paths. It was therefore not the best race to run personal records, but rather a good opportunity for Kronos to win points in the Zeus competition and a good opportunity to check what the current form is.

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