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NSK Track


Thursday morning, 8:09, the train leaves from Enschede to start our long journey to the far north. Fully loaded with stuff, we travel with a small group of Kronauts to Groningen for the NSK track. After some trouble with getting all our luggage on the OV-bikes and pedalling really hard to get to the other side of a very large bridge, we arrive at the home track of Vitalis. A various amount of disciplines are on the schedule these two days and the morecamp group of Kronos decided to participate in a lot of different disciplines. On day 1, 3 medals were won by Kronauts: a gold and silver medal for Marjolein on the long jump and high jump, and a bronze medal for Michelle at the long jump. The highlight of day one was Nart, who decided to take a refreshing dive during the 3000 meter steeple chase. After all the hard work, the well deserved dinner was served. Not everyone liked it however, so we decided to cycle to the nearest Mc Donald’s to continue our dinner there.

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Competitie 2


Last Sunday, the 26’th of May, it was already time for the second competition of this year. It was a lot warmer than the last time, so everyone was really excited.

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Finally, there she was again, the promised land, the good life: the 47 th edition of the legendary

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Competition 1


Sunday the 14'th of April it was time for the first competition of this year. Despite the wind and the cold it was a fun day with good results from both the men's and women's team! The women even managed to get first place in the poule and are now ranked fourth nationally.

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The volunteers who thought that the preparation for a race would start half an hour before the race were wrong, because we were expected at 13:30 to start building the start/finish. The committee thought it was a good idea to start in time, especially because setting up the start/finish arch took between 30 minutes and 3 hours according to experts. We were closer to the 30 minutes, so we had an easy afternoon. When the arch stood it was time for a meal in the sports centre. Here we ate delicious boxes with lasagne. These were so delicious that even our 5-star laphaps are nothing compared to them. The match leader was confident with the start/finish and the course, so it was time to start!

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