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Training thursday 20th of september


Next Thursday (20 September) the training will take place in the FBK station instead of at the Utrack. There will be two options for the training: pole vaulting, or normal running training. But we have also a nice alternative. Because after our training there will be a running race in the FBK stadion and participation is free for Kronauten and people who join the introductiontraining.

The competition will start at 19:00. You can choose between three distances, 1500m, 3km or 10km and if you want to participate, you can enroll yourself by mailing the following information before Wednesday 19th of September. - Name + surname: - Date of birth: - Man/woman: - Distance: (1500,3000,10000) - Expected time:

We are gathering at the bus stop the broeierd at 17:35 so we can cycle together to the FBK stadion. If you have any questions, you can ask Marjolein or Twan at the training, see you there!