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Competition 1

| Marjolein Bolten

Sunday the 14'th of April it was time for the first competition of this year. Despite the wind and the cold it was a fun day with good results from both the men's and women's team! The women even managed to get first place in the poule and are now ranked fourth nationally. Marnick and Thijs Roskamp both did a good job in the discus throw where they both managed to not fail the four attempts and both finished with a distance in the 32,30. The 400 meters also had a fight between two kronauts, Casper and Nart which was won by Casper (55.11 / 55.16). Other results: a decent 10.93 triple jump from Thijs van Aalten, a 12.17 for Jeroen on the 100 meter, 1.75 at the high jump for Jitse, 25.53 on the 200 meter for Gijs and 16.24,67 on the 5000 meter for Steef. In the ladies' team Merel Wevers ran a very good 800 meters where she finished in 2.20,97. In the 100 meter Annabel and Lieke had a close finish but lieke was a bit faster (14.07 / 14.04). Also here some good other results, 21.95 in the discus throw for Merel Lasschuijt, 5.27 in the long jump for Marjolein, 1.06,89 on the 400 meters for Floor and 12.38,38 on the 3000 meters for Annelie. Let's hope for even beter results at the next competition the 26'th of May in Almelo!


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