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Competitie 2

| Marjolein Bolten


Last Sunday, the 26’th of May, it was already time for the second competition of this year. It was a lot warmer than the last time, so everyone was really excited. The women did a very good job. They won both the first and the second place by triple jump. Marjolein did jump 10.75 and Myrthe 10.10. Floor ran a very good 800 meters where she finished in 2:33.91. Annabel did run a new PR on the 200m, but Merel Wevers was a bit faster (26.06). Other results: 33.60 with the javelin for Michelle, 10.80 at the shot put for Merel Wevers. 1.60 at the high jump for Marjolein, a 13.45 for Michelle at the 100, 1:03,43 for Marjolein at the 400,12:02,15 for Annalie at the 3000 and 1:05,27 for Merel Wevers at the 400m hurdles. Also the men did a really good job. With Thijs Roskamp and Roy on the shotput the battle was on again, Roy did just throwed a little bit further (11.03 / 10.56). Twan did a really good job at the pole vaulting, he created a new PR. Jasper was very amazed by his performance at the 100m (11.77s) and Nart ran a very good 400m hurdles (1:01,76). Other results: 23.40 at he 200m and 53.81 at the 400m for Julian, a 4:23,17 for Steef at the 1500m, 6.34 in the long jump for Roy and 1.70 at the high jump and 47.96 with the javeling for Jitse. The final event of the day was the 4 times 100m relay race. It went well by the ladies. For the boys it was a little bit harder. They didn’t manage to pass on the baton to each other, so they didn’t finish at all. The woman managed to get first place in the poule again and are now ranked third nationally! The boys did end at ninth position and are now ranked 21ste nationally. The next and last competition of the year is at the 16’th of June in Emmeloord.


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