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Kronos Lustrumweeks

| Annabel Boonman

Last academic year we already saw a number of lustrum activities coming along: The theme announcement evening, the New Year's dinner, The Who is the mole game evening and the trainings weekend. Soon our lustrum period will come to an end and that's what we do with the kronos lustrum weeks:

17 sept – Verjaardagsfeestje | Birthdayparty

18 sept – Bingo/spelavond | Bingo/Gamesnight

20 sept – Filmavond | Movie Night

21 sept – Lustrumtrip | Lustrum Outing

25 sept – Verrassingsactiviteit | Surprise activity

28 sept – ludieke meerkamp + Alumnidag | Fun-Morecamp + Alumniday

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