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| Iris Visser

On the 19th of October, eleven enthusiastic Kronauts left for the NSK Weg in Wageningen to run a 5k or 10k. After exploring the course thoroughly with each other, Nienke, Vincent B. and Martijn O. sprinted away for the 10k. A few minutes later, Pauline, Jitse, Twan, Thijs B., Loek en Iris started at the 5k. During the race across the campus and meadows of Wageningen, some were suffering, but luckily there were Michelle and Lieke to support them. Despite the strong wind, a few PRs were set. Martijn even became third at the 10k with 35:54! After the award ceremony, everyone rushed back home, because Enschede will always be more ‘gezellig’ than Wageningen.


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