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NSK Stairway chase

| Stan Heijnen


On Friday the 13th of December was the NSK Trappenloop at the Erasmustoren in Nijmegen. After a long journey from Enschede to Nijmegen, began the race with the 10 floors race. Julian was the best kronaut with the 4th place, followed by Roy (8th), Vincent (9th), Tim (10th) and Twan (12th). At the women’s contest, two athletes from Kronos were on the podium. Annabel was first, Michelle became third. When the 10 floors contest was ended, it was time for the even harder 20 floors. Thijs van Aalten, Twan, who was apparently not tired enough after running 10 flights of stairs, Jitse and Marnick represented Kronos in this contest, where Thijs became third and got the bronze medal. During the Duo run, there was time to give the legs some rest, the only team from Kronos, consisting of Loek and Stan, came 4th. After the duo run, the contest continued with the 4x5 floors relay, followed by the beerchase. At the relay, the team “vierde plaats is ook leuk”, consisting of Roy, Thijs Baalbergen, Tim and Koen, became first. After the beerchase was finished, there was dinner at the sports café of the University, or at the central station of Nijmegen. After the dinner followed the award ceremony, where 6 athletes/teams of Kronos got a podiumplace, under which 2 first places. For all the other results of this contest, please check:


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