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Impossible Thriatlon

| Rogier Monshouwer

In the heat of June 23, 10 kronauten have all completed the impossible triathlon. What started as a pleasant endurance run quickly became a tough job with overestimation, overheating and exhaustion. Nevertheless, everyone has finished the running part (1/3 or 1/2 Marathon), the 400m hurdles and the triple jump within the time limit of two and a half hours. Thanks to the cyclists and the photographer, it was a very successful and fun race.

What started as a wild idea during a javelin throw training eventually became a fun activity to push boundaries, where participating was more important than winning. The idea of ​​the impossible triathlon was to do some athletic parts that would become much more difficult after a half marathon. Chosen so that only people who are crazy enough would participate. However, in the end there were 10 kronauten crazy enough that took part in this competition. After much discussion about points and how we would ensure that a certain someone would not win, it was decided to let go of the competitional element. At the end everyone received a prize in the form of an official certificate.

After one last sip of water, the athletes started the running part at 6 pm. The women did a 1/3 marathon (14km), the men a half marathon (21km). At the beginning, three groups of about the same pace were formed, all with an accompanying cyclist. Since the route would be the same up to 9 kilometers, the plan was to remain in a group up to that point and then split into the three groups. Already after 2 kilometers, that planning could go into the trash bin when the fresh legs of Fabian and Koen thought they could run faster. Twelve kilometers later, that pace turned out to have been a bit too enthusiastic and their group members Ron and Rogier caught up with them. For the women, the heat turned out to be the biggest opponent, with which the current secretary in particular had great difficulty. Fortunately Annabel had brought an extra shirt and water and the women reached the finish together. In the leading group of the men, not everyone was aware of the mountain classification, as a result of which Vincent sprinted enthusiastically and Thijs vA quietly climbed the viaduct. At the top the latter left at full speed together with Nart and they were the first of the men to reach the finish. Vincent, Rogier, Koen, Fabian and Ron followed. The difference: the first men and women had more than 45 minutes to do the last two parts, while the last three had only 5 minutes. Nevertheless, everyone managed to complete the three parts within two and a half hours, giving everyone the certificate of the very first Impossible Triathlon.

This year was successful and it was a nice diversion for many in this matchless time. Next year, the bar (hint) will still have to be raised to continue to hold the title of impossible triathlon. Until then!


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