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candidate board

| Stan Heijnen

The candidate board for 2020-2021 has been announced, 17 June during the digital alv, the big reveal was announced. The candidate board is filled with many young enthusiastic members and looks like this:

As chairman: Dunya van Zanten. Dunya Studies saxion law and joined Kronos in November last year and trains in the all-around group, although she is often present at Wednesday's core training. Although she has no experience with committees within Kronos, she has been spotted by many NSKs and is not afraid to make contact with people, which is why she is a good candidate for the upcoming board.

As secretary: Koen Kroep. Koen studies Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente and joined Kronos in September this year. Koen trains in the all-around group and competes with Gijs to become the best high jumper in Kronos. Koen is a fanatic member of the campus running committee this year and is therefore a good candidate for the board.

As treasurer: Ivo Stapel. Ivo studies biomedical engineering at the university of twente and, like koen, joined kronos in September. Just like the previous candidates, ivo trains with the all-around group, although he can also be found at the kronos drink to have a beer with everyone. It is therefore not surprising that he is an active member of the activities committee.

As competition secretary: Renee Sybesma Renee studies Technical Medicine at the University of Twente and joined in November. Unlike the other candidates, Renee trains with the runners where she flies many men. Renee has little experience with committees within Kronos, but her enthusiasm and passion for the sport makes her a good candidate for the board.


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