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We can train again!

| Koen Kroep

The snow has been melted, Kegel will return to Enschede and the measures for sporting in groups are loosened. So: From wednesday the 3rd of March it will be allowed again to train in groups! In this news item you will read the most important information before you can return to the UTrack.

The trainingtimes are changed due to the measures. The new times you can find below:


  • 17:00 uur - 18:15 uur: Running and sprint

  • 18:30 uur - 19:45 uur: Running and sprint


  • 17:00 uur - 18:15 uur: Running, sprint, technical events and strength training

  • 18:30 uur - 19:45 uur: Running, sprint, technical events and strength training


  • 17:00 uur - 18:15 uur: Running, sprint and technical events

  • 18:30 uur - 19:45 uur: Running, sprint and technical events


On Tuesday 2nd of March it is possible to subscribe for a trainingsgroup. With this trainingsgroup you will remain training until the measures change. A group will consist of a maximum of 5 or 10 persons. A link to subscribe for a group you can find in the Kronos Whatsapp group. Do you have a problem or question with subscribing? You can ask a board member or mail to:

On Wednesday it is for technical events groups possible to subscribe for an event. The subscription for this will open on the website. Per location is it just for one group per time possible to subscribe.

On Friday it is for every group possible to subscribe for a timeslot and location. Please mention in your subscription the size of your group and which event you are going to train. the locations that are available on fridays you can find underneath:

  • Running track

  • Sprint lanes

  • Long jump

  • Discus throw

  • Hill for shot put

Please notice: On fridays it is not possible to use the javelin/high jump location. The grass lawn is available, however.

It is now possible to subscribe as a group for mondays and wednesdays. That can at the following timespans:

  • Monday 17:00 - 18:15: 10 persons

  • Wednesday 17:00 - 18:15: 10 persons

  • Wednesday 18:30 - 19:45: 30 persons

Het most important stays: Keep always sufficient distance from each other and keep yourself to the corona measures. Also inside your group it is necessary to keep 1,5 meters distance. For all information about the measures, please refer to the Coronaprotocol Trainings DAV Kronos

We hope that you also are really looking forward on starting up the trainings again and we hope to see everyone again soon on the UTrack. If you have questions or remarks, you can always contact a member of the board.

The 65th Board of D.A.V. Kronos


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