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Let's go to the promotion match!

| Michelle van Dorth

After last Thursday's track meeting, there were again many members of D.A.V. present on Sunday July 4th for a nice competition day in Emmen. It was the third competition match of the year, but the first official match that could continue again due to the relaxation of the corona measures. At EAC De Sperwers, in Emmen, the Kronauts reported in the morning to shine, grab PRs and with the ultimate goal of course: to claim our spot at the promotion match!

Despite the tight time schedule that could not be adjusted to our likings as with the previous virtual competition matches, and the fact that the schedule shifted a bit due to the stormy weather that appeared from the weather forecasts, good results have been achieved.

Marjolein and Maartje were the first to start with the 100m hurdles, they finished with a time of 16.09 for Marjolein and 18.31 for Maartje. Meanwhile, Merel and Isabelle showed themselves at the hammer throw with a distance of 18.22m and 19.54m respectively. The first men also came into action, including Roy, with a 1st place in the long jump. Daan and Tim also represented the team here. Gijs ran 17.71 in the 110mH and Fabian 21.22. Then there were 4 men ready to compete in the shotput, these were Thijs R, Roy, Fabian and Stan. After the 100m hurdles, Marjolein jumped over a nice height of 1.60m. The running events then followed, including the 800m with Nart, who ran a PR of 2.01.76, Thijs van Aalten 2.06.04, Thijs B 2.15.10 and Daan 2.26.11. For other athletes the 800m is really too long and the 100m suits them better, this also applied to Gijs, Lars, Tim and Gabriel, all 4 of whom crossed the finish line flying. Jitse and Koen showed themselves in the high jump. After the performance at the Dutch National Championships, Merel was seen again, this time in the 400m flat and despite an unexpected shortening of the warm-up she took the first place here. Maartje also performed well in this area. After the women's 400m, Thijs R, Koen, Fabian and Nart made an attempt at the hammer throw, where Thijs R managed to secure a 3rd place with a distance of 37.17 meters. The starting blocks for the 400m were ready for the men and Lars, Casper, Thijs and Willem were well encouraged by all the Kronauts present. Marjolein and Merel L shot a nice distance with the shots and Kronos was also present during the long jump that followed. Michelle took a nice 1st place with 5.01 meters. A little out of her comfort zone, but Annabel started the 1500m and pulled out all the stops for the points for Kronos. The longest distance this day was for the men, a nice 5000m, 12.5 laps on the track with Chiel, Twan and Vincent at the start. The end of the day was already in sight, but there was still 200m to be ran for both the men and the women. Merel W took 1st place here and Dunya also crossed the finish line fast. She had made a bet for a treat with a time under 28.00, unfortunately this did not come through, but all the motivation to continue training. Among the men, Gijs, Roy, Daan and Gabriƫl came into action, with Gijs taking the fastest time of the Kronauts with a time of 24.08. To round out the day before the storm and rain, the start of the relay was a bit early. The women's team took 1st place in the series with Annabel, Lieke, Michelle and Merel W. The men's team took a nice 3rd place with 0.45 seconds behind number 2.

In the end, the result for the teams was: 1st place for the women's team with 6354 points & a 3rd place nationally in the third division. 2nd place for the men's team 1 with 6988 points & with this a 3rd place nationally in the third division. 11th place for the men's team 2 with 4785 points & a 38th place nationally in the third division.

On September 5, we will try to get promotion with both teams at ACW '66 in Waalwijk to hopefully represent us in the second division next year.

In addition to the good results, we also enjoyed this fun day and closed the day well according to tradition! In short, it was a beautiful yet sunny and warm day with a good result. Thank you everyone for their efforts!


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