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Sportive NSK Meerkamp at Eindhoven

| Michelle van Dorth

Last Saturday 23 October the Kronauts went again to the craziest city in Noord-Brabant: Eindhoven. This time the NSK meerkamp brought the athletes from Enschede to the city of lights. This weekend they would have to do the heptathlon or decathlon. For the athletes who did not want to be busy with sports non-stop there was fortunately also the possibility to do separate events. In total almost 30 Kronauts could be found on and around the track at sister club Asterix, which was the largest turnout of all SAV's! In between the two days there was an unforgettable party at Stratumseind in the evening, where after a day full of sports and games everyone could let loose on the dance floor as usual. After two exciting days, some Kronauts finished on the podium to collect their well-deserved medals. In the women's category, Marjolein, Merel Wevers and Michelle finished in places 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This makes our association very proud of course, well done girls!

But what else happened this weekend?

Saturday morning at 8:00 am the first Kronauts took the train to Eindhoven. At 9:00 am the rest followed by car. After a quiet train ride, where many slept in, both groups met each other on the track in Eindhoven at 11:00. Now the athletics program could finally start. At 12 o'clock the starting shot sounded for the first part of the decathlon: the 100m sprint. Roy took the win with a good time of 11.75 seconds. Shortly after this was the single 100m sprint where our own Daniel crossed the finish line first with a time of 12.47 seconds. In the women 100m sprint Maartje and Dunya also performed. Then the battle continued as the competition committee had not put any free time in the schedule for the athletes. The men went long jump while the ladies started with the 100m hurdles, here Marjolein crossed the finish line first with a time of 15.64 seconds, Annabel also performed well on this event and even set a new personal record. After this the ladies could go straight to the high jump where they could enjoy the sunshine in between jumping. While everyone was distracted by the jumping ladies, Daan secured the unguarded flag of Tartlétos in his bag at 2 o'clock sharp. Now the men went to throw the ball and this attracted many spectators. Everyone was enjoying the game in the sun, and Maartje and Ella were already busy writing a letter for Tartlétos. Unfortunately the girls were so focused on writing that for a short moment they lost sight of Kegel. The Dodekans took advantage of this and now our poor Kegel is back in Delft, apparently he is doing well. There was now a break for all the athletes before they were allowed to proceed to their next event. During this intermezzo many tried to make a quick splash, luckily our flag had already been secured in a bag. After a necessary break the men started the high jump, here Daan thought it was a good idea to head the pole. Apparently there is still a bruise on his head. After a few more events the day was finally over and the atmosphere changed from sportive to playful: the beer relay started! Three Kronos teams participated: Baanbrekend, Bende van Ellende and Fristi-team-Kronos. After an unforgettable battle in which even Thijs Roskamp from Sweden participated, the ladies team won the gold medal and Fristi-team-Kronos won the bronze medal. With this heavy effort behind us it was time for lunch. The committee of Asterix had prepared a delicious and simple red pasta and had made enough so that many athletes could serve 2e or even 3e times if they wanted to. Homage Asterix! This was the official end of the day where the group split up. A small group went to the log cabins to ensure a good night's sleep and the rest went to the sports halls to find their place to sleep. With a nice group we then went to Stratumseind to party in Café Mix. Here many Kronauts had a great time while enjoying a beer or other goodies. Of course integration points were earned with the goal of getting to know the other associations even better. Finally everyone went to bed when the bars closed and the next morning we had to get up early again for day 2 of the all-around. At seven o'clock the committee woke us and we left for the athletic track. Here the hurdles for the 110m hurdles awaited the men ominously, the morning dew made the scene even grimmer than it already was. After a tough hurdling session where almost half of the athletes didn't make it to the end, the ladies started the long jump in the cold shadow. Now it was time for the most exciting part of the day: the 1000m speed walk. After a very exciting walking session Thijs van Aalten just missed out on the gold medal by 7 hundredths of a second, but on the other hand our former spokeswoman Dunya set a club record on the 1000m with a time of 8min and 38seconds. After this hearty entertainment the men could express their frustration of the hurdling in the discus throw where Daan set a PR with the 2kg by throwing 20.37m. The ladies continued with the javelin throw and Michelle did an amazing job with a new PR of 34,60m. In the meantime the men continued with the pole vault, which turned out to be quite difficult for many participants of the fun classification. Later in the afternoon the women had their 800meter where Gerber performed fantastic by setting a great time of 2min 29sec. After the men had completed their javelin throw and 1500 meter, an unforgettable event in Eindhoven finally came to an end.

Written by: Daan Gestel


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