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Kronos News

Campusloop 2020

| Koen Kroep

After a delay of half a year, on the 30th of September, the next edition of the Campusloop will start. This year, there is a new track of 3 or 5 kilometers across the campus of the University of Twente.

Subscribing for the Campusloop can through this link. Subscription on the day itself is not possible.


This year there is a new possibility to compete in a team. Participate in a team of 4 persons and try to run as constant as possible, and win a coupon for the Tapperij in Hengelo. participating in the teamcompetition can by sending an email to Please note your teamname and the members of your team in this mail.

If you cannot participate to the campusloop, but want to be present, you can subscribe as volunteer!

For more information about the campusloop, the regulations and the teamcompetition, look at our website and also keep an eye on our instagram and facebookpage for all the information about the campusloop.

Introduction month

| Koen Kroep

Do you like athletics and do you want to try it? Now is you chance! During the whole month September, there are introduction trainings. During 4 weeks, starting Monday 31st of August, you can come by and join us for a training for free.

Besides, there will be different introduction activities. For all information about the introduction activities and introduction trainings, see Introduction month.

For questions, you can always send an e-mail to:

The training program for 2020-2021

Monday 18.00 - 19.30 Running & Sprint @UTrack

Tuesday 18.00 - 19.00 Duration training @UTrack

Tuesday 19.00 - 20.30 Technical events @UTrack

Wednesday 18.00 - 19.00 Circuit training (strength) @UTrack

Thursday 18.00 - 19.30 Running & Technical events @UTrack

Introduction Activities

Wednesday 16 september: Pubquiz

Wednesday 23 september: Pizza night

Tuesday 29 september: Bingo

Wednesday 30 september: Campusloop (see for more information about this event

Technical events training

Every technical events training, two events will be given by student trainers. These two events will have the warming-up together. The events in the month September will look as follows:

  • Tuesday 1 September: long jump and javelin throw
  • Thursday 3 September: no introduction training
  • Tuesday 8 September: high jump and discus throw
  • Thursday 10 September: triple jump and javelin throw
  • Tuesday 15 September: long jump and shot put
  • Thursday 17 September: hurdles and discus throw
  • Tuesday 22 September: high jump and javelin throw
  • Thursday 24 September: triple jump and shot put


| Thijs Roskamp

After the Kronolympics and O3K, monday it was time for the 3rd internal competition of Kronos. For a month and a half, a lot of Kronauts had prepared during the discus training on Monday to try to sharpen their PR for the discusthrow before the holiday. Inspired by Daniel Stahl's first 70-meter throw, the Kronauts also wanted to try to get their place in the rankings (unfortunately this didn't work). Nine Kronauts took part in the competition and some of them had the idea to set up bets. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the match organizer did not understand how betting works and the Kronoskas did not want to guarantee the bardukaten to be paid. Fortunately, this did not put a damper on the game and everyone started the game enthusiastically.

Fabian and Koen found out last week that the use of the legs in the shot put was more important than expected and that a half marathon the day before does not help. That is why they thought it was a good idea to do the running training before the competition, because it should not be too easy. Nevertheless, Fabian managed five valid throws with a best distance of 19.96 to finish in 7th place. Koen had a bit more trouble with throwing valid, but he still managed to beat his rival with a throw of 21.01 and finished a spot above Fabian. Emma had attended almost every discus training in recent weeks and that was evident with a nice throw of 19.02 she conquered 8th place. Gijs did not have his best day, as he repeated several times, and had difficulty with valid throwing. With a throw of 18.06 he finished in 9th place. Merel was a bit unsure in which technique she would use and oscillated between South African and One and a half turns. Still, she consistently threw around 25 with a best throw of 25.49, enough for 5th place.

Although the bet was that Roy (as usual) would finish in 4th place, this time it was Marjolein's. Who was also keen to throw over 30 for the extra bardukaten. Where it was not so smooth in the beginning, Marjo unleashed in the final with two throws over 30, one of which was 31.01, enough for 4th place. In the top three it was very exciting. Marnick opened strongly with a throw of exactly 36 meters and Roy also threw a new PR with a few centimeters, while Thijs, of course, threw invalid. Marnick improved himself in the 3rd round with 36.27. In the spirit of the final shot put in Doha, Thijs tried to make it exciting in round 6, but with 35.70 it was just not enough. As a result, Roy finished in 3rd place with 34.63, Thijs in 2 and Marnick in 1.

A successful game according to the organization and trainer, that deserves a pitcher at the next drink / party. Many improvements from everyone, but here and there is still work to be done. Hopefully everyone can improve themselves in September at the NSK Baan and in October at NSK Meerkamp and end the corona season with beautiful PRs.

Thanks to Basile, Stan and Rogier for helping with setting up / dismantling and judging.

candidate board

| Stan Heijnen

The candidate board for 2020-2021 has been announced, 17 June during the digital alv, the big reveal was announced. The candidate board is filled with many young enthusiastic members and looks like this:

As chairman: Dunya van Zanten. Dunya Studies saxion law and joined Kronos in November last year and trains in the all-around group, although she is often present at Wednesday's core training. Although she has no experience with committees within Kronos, she has been spotted by many NSKs and is not afraid to make contact with people, which is why she is a good candidate for the upcoming board.

As secretary: Koen Kroep. Koen studies Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente and joined Kronos in September this year. Koen trains in the all-around group and competes with Gijs to become the best high jumper in Kronos. Koen is a fanatic member of the campus running committee this year and is therefore a good candidate for the board.

As treasurer: Ivo Stapel. Ivo studies biomedical engineering at the university of twente and, like koen, joined kronos in September. Just like the previous candidates, ivo trains with the all-around group, although he can also be found at the kronos drink to have a beer with everyone. It is therefore not surprising that he is an active member of the activities committee.

As competition secretary: Renee Sybesma Renee studies Technical Medicine at the University of Twente and joined in November. Unlike the other candidates, Renee trains with the runners where she flies many men. Renee has little experience with committees within Kronos, but her enthusiasm and passion for the sport makes her a good candidate for the board.

Impossible Thriatlon

| Rogier Monshouwer

In the heat of June 23, 10 kronauten have all completed the impossible triathlon. What started as a pleasant endurance run quickly became a tough job with overestimation, overheating and exhaustion. Nevertheless, everyone has finished the running part (1/3 or 1/2 Marathon), the 400m hurdles and the triple jump within the time limit of two and a half hours. Thanks to the cyclists and the photographer, it was a very successful and fun race.

What started as a wild idea during a javelin throw training eventually became a fun activity to push boundaries, where participating was more important than winning. The idea of ​​the impossible triathlon was to do some athletic parts that would become much more difficult after a half marathon. Chosen so that only people who are crazy enough would participate. However, in the end there were 10 kronauten crazy enough that took part in this competition. After much discussion about points and how we would ensure that a certain someone would not win, it was decided to let go of the competitional element. At the end everyone received a prize in the form of an official certificate.

After one last sip of water, the athletes started the running part at 6 pm. The women did a 1/3 marathon (14km), the men a half marathon (21km). At the beginning, three groups of about the same pace were formed, all with an accompanying cyclist. Since the route would be the same up to 9 kilometers, the plan was to remain in a group up to that point and then split into the three groups. Already after 2 kilometers, that planning could go into the trash bin when the fresh legs of Fabian and Koen thought they could run faster. Twelve kilometers later, that pace turned out to have been a bit too enthusiastic and their group members Ron and Rogier caught up with them. For the women, the heat turned out to be the biggest opponent, with which the current secretary in particular had great difficulty. Fortunately Annabel had brought an extra shirt and water and the women reached the finish together. In the leading group of the men, not everyone was aware of the mountain classification, as a result of which Vincent sprinted enthusiastically and Thijs vA quietly climbed the viaduct. At the top the latter left at full speed together with Nart and they were the first of the men to reach the finish. Vincent, Rogier, Koen, Fabian and Ron followed. The difference: the first men and women had more than 45 minutes to do the last two parts, while the last three had only 5 minutes. Nevertheless, everyone managed to complete the three parts within two and a half hours, giving everyone the certificate of the very first Impossible Triathlon.

This year was successful and it was a nice diversion for many in this matchless time. Next year, the bar (hint) will still have to be raised to continue to hold the title of impossible triathlon. Until then!

Trainings have started again!

| Jitse van Esch

Since monday the trainings have started again! There are 6 trainingmoments per week with a maximum of 20 persons per training. Signing up can be done via this site under Agenda. You can also find who will give the training and what the training will be.

You have also received a mail with more information of corona measures. Please read this information carefully before entering a training!

If you haven't received the email, please contact someone of the board.

See you soon, 64th board

Looking for a new board!

| Jitse van Esch

As you might have noticed the coronavirus has forced quite some change in our daily habits. By doing that it has also forced us to change our procedure of finding a new board. That is why we need to do it via social media, because we are currently looking for the next board willing to take over our tasks.

As board you are mainly responsible for keeping the association alive and everything that comes with that. At kronos the boardfunction is parttime which means that you can still continue your studies. In our board everybody has done a 'normal' year of studies. Besides that doing a board year is really life changing and a lot of fun! You really get to know your fellow board members very good and you learn how leading an association works and ofcourse it is a good point to have on your resume.

Ofcourse we do understand that it is quite hard to see if something is likeable if you haven't spoken to us directly or if you don't know what being a board really means. That is why everyone of us has written a short piece of text to help you choose.

Stan Heijnen - Internal affairs I’m Stan Heijnen and member of Kronos for about a year now. I became a board member when I was a member for about half a year, with the intention to connect with more member and take a more active role in the association. That’s why the function ‘commissioner of internal affairs and promotion’ fits me perfectly, daily I’m mostly coordinating committees. I coordinate for example: the activity committee, bata committee, intro committee, start 2 run committee and the website committee. This year I’m also the bar commissioner. Beside the wide arrange of committees I’m also responsible for the promotion of events and statements from the board, for example clothing. This year I’ve been responsible for purchase and printing of the sweaters. One of the other daily tasks of mine are keeping the social media up2date and posting matchreviews on the website. Although my function doesn’t have a repeating task just like all other functions in the board, it does give me a lot of freedom and a little influence into almost everything. This way tasks don’t feel reparative and every week there will be a new challenge for me. Beside all of that being a board member is quite easily combined with my study. Al things considered I love being a board member. You make a lot of connections with people all over the Netherlands and do fun stuff with them, and I’m still learning a lot about the business side of having a company. As a bonus on top of all of that, you’ll make a amazing connection with your fellow board members.

Michelle van Dorth- Match Secretary I am Michelle and since 2 october I am the match secretary. As match secretary you are responsible for the promotion of matches and the assisting of Kronauts to and at matches. Besides that you are also the coordinator for the competitions, which means you are responsible for the Kronos competitionteams and signing them up, and deciding who does what part. You are also the chairman of the TrainingsCommittee, this is the committee responsible for the switch up trainings and the quality of our own trainings. This function is really diverse and I really like being a match secretary or board member in general!

Lieke Kamperman- Secretary I am Lieke and this year I am the secretary of DAV Kronos. As secretary you are responsible for the membersadministration. My task is to make sure everybody is signed up or signed out in the right place within Kronos and within the Atletics Union. Because of this task you are in close contact with all the members which means members know me and I know the members, which is a really fun part of being the secretary. Besides that you are responsible for the minutes of board meetings and general assemblies. You learn a lot whilst doing a board year. So if you hesitate, let us know and we can help you choose!

Sander Boxebeldt- Treasurer Past months I have had the honorable task of being the treasurer, and hereby I want to tell you what this means. As treasurer you are responsible for the financial administration of Kronos. This means you pay invoices and declerations, you create incasso's for the members and you also create invoices to send to external parties. Besides this you need to keep an overview of the financial situation of the association and everybody is begging you for money. You are also responsible for the sponsor committee and maybe other committees. Last but not least you make the financial half year report and you need to account for the budget plan on general assemblies. I wanted to do a board year to see the other side of the association, the one of all the organisation structures around trainings, matches and activities. I also wanted to do this function because of the new specific skills you learn (related to bookkeeping and financial administration) that are generally handy to have. I already had learned the theory (in high school with economy and management&organisation) but you only learn by translating the theory into practice. If you want to know more about being a treasurer, you can always contact met :)

Jitse van Esch- Chairman Since october I have been the chairman of this beautifull association. As chairman my main function is to make sure the others of my board can and do function well. This mostly means hosting all of the boardmeetings. We have chosen to meet every week so every week I make sure that those meetings are structured and fluent. I also make sure the overview of the year is kept and that everybody does what needs to be done. Besides my main function I am also responsible for external contacts which means I am the communicating party for external contacts such as the sportcentre. I am also the link between our board and the sector sport, which we are part of. Now that the sportkoepel has been dissolved this task is rather important. I wanted to do a board year to learn a lot of new skills in a business like matter. I also noticed that former board members where really enthusiast and I needed to know why. Now that I am a board member myself I know why. It is not only about being a board but you also create a really strong bond with your fellow board members which is very nice and with whom you can have lots of fun! You also get to know boards from other athletics associations and maybe after your board year you can call yourself the champion of eggs and leek of the student athletics associations.

If you are interested in doing a board year or if you want to know more, please contact us! Stay safe and see you soon! The 64th board of DAV Kronos

NSK Indoor

| Roy van Zijl

A large and green delegation of Kronauts traveled to Apeldoorn for the NSK Indoor last weekend. The group consisted of both indoor veterans for whom the Omnisport center feels like a second home as well as some newbies. Fortunately for them, tour guide Marjolein was present to make them feel welcome in the immense complex. A changeable day followed which contained medals, clubrecords, plenty of personal records as well as some disappointments.

Our board duo consisting of Jitse and Michelle did not have the best of days which resulted in some decent results for both. Positive notes were found on the high jump for our competition secretary and the 400 m of the chairman. The sprinting group showed up in large numbers for the shortest distance of the year: the 60 m sprint. Gijs excelled with a PB, as well as Dunya, Ella and Suze who all did their first NSK. Partial Kronauts Tim and Bart got some decent results in their events throughout the day. Our sprinting brothers Jeroen and Jasper did not have the best of days as their results were somewhat disappointing to their selves with an injury for Jasper as biggest downside. Ron struggled with lane 1 on his 200 m run but still managed to achieve an excellent result, similar to Marjolein, who is still returning from an injury.

Julian made his 800 m debut with a more than decent race which could have led to an even better time. Nart proved that spending time in Norway certainly did not negatively influence his form and that training indoors could even be advantageous as he ran to a PB and the heat win. Merel was struck with a small illness (fortunately no Corona) a few days prior to the competition. This combined with an unfortunate heat distribution led to her missing out on the podium and her own indoor club records by mere hundreds of a second. Roy did break two indoor club records, both in the long (6.65 m) and triple jump (14.29 m) which also resulted in the silver medal in the long and gold medal in the triple jump. Another gold was won by the female Olympic relay team consisting of Merel, Lynn, Marjolein and Michelle.

NSK Cross

| Stan Heijnen

On Saturday, February 15, 19 motivated Kronauts left for Eindhoven for the NSK Cross, though the first fell before they had reached Eindhoven. But many a Kronaut had brought its competitiveness to a higher level, even if only for a short time because they found out that they had to be on the same platform at the 's Hertogenbosch station and could therefore immediately take the escalator down again. Arriving in Eindhoven, the kronauts were taken to the stratumse moorland with the shuttle bus, where the competition was close together, literally and figuratively. On the stratumse moorlanf a beautiful trail was plotted along the Kannunukesven and rietven of 2.3 km, 6.1 km and 8.7 km. The kronauts already started warming up to be able to set a fast time. First it was the men and women of the long cross, with some fantastic results. René was the first to enter the ladies with a great time of 24:59, followed by carmen with a time of 30:34 and Lotte Hagedoorn with a time of 32:33 Among the men on the long haul was Thijs van Aalten, who was the first kronaut to come in at a decent 7th place with a time of 34:36, shortly followed by Nart who came in at a time of 35:15. In addition, Twan and Stan came in 17th and 21st with a time of 37:05 for twan and 38:23 for Stan.

Shortly after the men and women of the long cross came in, the men started on the short cross, with a fight in the first meters after the start, Steef came in as the first kronaut in 7th, a match of thijs on the long cross , in a time of 9:01. After Steef, Casper arrived in a time of 9:49, followed by Thijs baalbergen in a time of 10:06. Who was followed in his neighborhood again by Koen with a time of 11:11 and shortly thereafter fabian with a time of 11:18 and Rogier in a time of 12:00. Merel, Lieke, Annabel and Marjolein started the women's short cross, while Marjolein fell somewhere halfway due to the pain in her knee. Merel finished first in a time of 11:07 followed by Lieke with a time of 12:14 and Annabel with a time of 12:33. After a short rest there had to be a new walk, because the honor of kegel had to be defended on the 4x400. Jitse traveled specially from Enschede for this! Encouraged by Sander, who had meanwhile also traveled, a super fast time was set! Not without incurring a number of fungi, of course, the glass man (Jitse) tried to generate extra speed by swinging off a tree, with the result that he had a number of scrapes! It remains to be seen how many weeks he will be on the side again. but of course we hope that he can return to the NSK indoor. After crowning René as a real Dutch Student Champion, the Knonauten left for Enschede with a backpack full of good hope for the NSK indoor that will be held two weeks later.

For The results: For Photos of the Cross:


| Stan Heijnen

It would be nice starting by saying that it was an amazing day and the sun was shining however, unfortunately, this would be a LIE. It was a quite windy and cold winter Sunday morning, most of the Kronauts were still feeling the lactic acid from 'Bob soft Thursday training' and were barely able to walk...but WHAT CAN STOP Kronaut's motivation to go fighting in a race??! Nothing. Therefore a little group of Kronauts went to defend their team name in the 1st Wolderslopen competition and they did it great! The first to depart was the 15k and 10k athletes followed by the 5.1k athletes only 6 minutes later. The main thing to highlight is the great success of Réné who was the first woman on the 10k with a time of 38:15! We can secondly come to what has become the title of the main wooldereslopen page : KYAN RYTZELL WINS THE FIRST WOOLDERESLOOP. However there's a little story to briefly explain what lead him conquering this title. Kyan was NOT planning to go fast that day...until one of his rival dared to 'insult him' and therefore Kyan could just NOT accept to be beaten by 'that guy' and concluded with a time of 35:14 arriving more than 40 seconds before his enemy. Thijs van Aalten also did a great race ending up 5th with a time of 36:57 !! As regards the women's 5.1k Race: Rosanne and Elisabetta took part, concluding in 21:40 (4th) and 22:30 (11th) respectively. While in the men's 5.1K race Twan and Thies friendly fought together during almost all the race however Thies increased his speed in the final part and ended up with an advantage of 7 seconds with respect to Twan, concluding the race in 18:07 (9th) and 18:14 (10th) respectively. Not far behind them Loek arrived with a time of 19:08 !

Last but not least, Kronos beloved coach himself competed in the 15k race and finished in 1:09:01 !!! (NB: If Bob would not have participated in the 15k, 'the killing Thursday training' would have been the perfect excuse to beat all his little Kronauts... however the reason for that pre-race killing training still remains mysterious...)

More results and info on,vrouw&fjaar=2020 Written by Elisabetta Ribera d'Alcalà