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Kronos News

Promotion competition Gouda

| Michelle van Dorth

Sunday morning 5 September at 6:45 am the alarm went off, a tad early for the last day of the holiday if you ask me. But it was for a good reason: we traveled to Gouda today to compete with 12 men and 10 women for promotion to the second division!

A pleasant sun welcomed us on the track of AV Gouda. Everyone had traveled early to the west of the Netherlands to see the first events together. The day started with the 800 meters and the hammer throw for women, where Annabel and Merel set good times (2:41.59 and 2:52.41 respectively). Isabelle threw the shot to a new PB of 19.98m! Michelle and Gijs both started the day with a jumping event, where they both set a new PB. Michelle jumped 5.30m with long jump and Gijs successfully jumped 1.80m with high jump.

Twan decided to cool off in the steeple water tank in this warm weather and stopped the clock at 10:43.82, with which Twan also recorded a PB. In the shot put Roy threw the shot to a PB of 12.14m.

Then it was the turn of the sprinters to show their best side. Annabel, who had only just finished the grueling 800 meters, recorded a strong time of 13.67s. Myrthe also ran this distance, she did it in 14.46s. Among the men it were Gijs and Willem who took part in this event, they recorded 11.67s and 13.26s. In the meantime it was Merel L's turn to throw the shot as far as possible in the hammer throw, she landed it after 19.40m, which meant a small PB.

Around lunchtime it was Marjolein's turn to start her day. For her, the pole vault was on the program, which also coincided with the 400mH. Perhaps not the ideal combination in a short time, but with a height of 2.70 m on the pole vault and a time of 1:07.85 on the hurdles you can say that Marjolein has performed this very well.

Merel W took on the 400 meters today, without any hurdles in the track. She took the win here in a time of 59.95s. At the high jump mat it was Koen's turn to jump as high as possible, he recorded a nice height of 1.65m. A little further on it was Marnick who was doing the shot put, he let the shot land after 9.03m. The second part was also waiting for Myrthe and Roy. For Myrthe this was the javelin throw, she scored a nice distance of 29.94m. The long jump box was waiting for Roy, where he achieved a distance of 6.57m.

It was then the turn of Casper and Lars to complete 1 lap on the track as fast as possible. Willem also did this, but he encountered some hurdles on the way. Casper stopped the clock after 1 lap at 54.96s, Lars stopped after 56.02s. Willem flew over the hurdles to a good time of 1:08.06.

Four women were then simultaneously working on the following events. Anouck threw the javelin to a new PB of 34.63m, Merel ran the 200m in a time of 27.07s, Michelle jumped a new PB in the high jump with a height of 1.60m and Isabelle put the shot put to a distance of 7 73m.

The next event on the track was the 200 meters for the men, where Gijs and Lars competed in the same heat. Gijs raced to a nice PB with 23.61s and Lars finished in 27.20s.

Two gentlemen took part in the men's discus throw: Koen and Marnick. They threw 19.85m and 35.07m respectively.

In the hot afternoon sun, two more running events were scheduled. In the women's 3000m, Isis ran strongly to a good time of 11:50.90. Chiel and Vincent ventured into the 1500m, with Chiel narrowly taking the Kronos victory with a strong last 100m. Vincent finished just seconds behind him in a big PB of 4:26.74.

In the second group of the men's long jump and women's shot put, Daan and Marjolein set good performances with 4.93m for Daan in the long jump and 11.90m for Marjolein in the shot put.

After a very successful day with many PBs, only the all-decisive 4x100 meter relay was still on the program. With 4 successful substitutions, the girls stopped the clock at 51.35s, which meant a nice second place in this event. The men finished in a solid time of 47.17s.

All points added together resulted in a fourth place for the women, which means they can compete in the second division next year if they want to! Unfortunately, the men did not manage to achieve this with seventh place.

All in all it was a very successful day with performances as beautiful as the weather! After the game there was of course a nice dinner at the local McDonald's and it was time to travel back to Enschede for a good last night's sleep before the academic year starts again.

Introduction day

| Anne Braat

Next Friday (12:30-17:00) we can show kiddos how amazing Kronos is😃 They can sprint, throw javelin and long jump and we already have trainers for these events. To show them how much fun Kronos is it would be great if you guys also stop by. Hopefully we'll see you there!! 🤩🏃🏻‍♀️


| Anne Braat

To give you a good impression of Kronos we organised introductionactivitees for you during the whole month of September. In this way you can take a look at our trainings, you can meet other Kronauts and you can find out if Kronos is something for you! We set up a BBQ at 22 september and a sportsday at 15 september and ofcourse an additional party at 30 september. For now the form of the activities is depending on the coronameasures, but in the flyer you can get more information about the data en on the website you can find a more explicit explanation of the activities. If you have any more questions you can always send an email to ! We love to see you running to the track and the activities :) Sportive greetings of Kronos!

NSK baan with the (medal) rain

| Marjolein Bolten

With a large delegation of 19 athletes, Kronos was well represented at the NSK track in Utrecht last weekend. There were also many volunteers from Kronos, some even combined this with participating themselves, partly because of these volunteers the competition was a success!

The day started well with (invalid) new PR and club record of Roy in the long jump of 6.80, good for the first silver. Shortly afterwards Michelle also jumped a nice 5.19 in the long jump. Koen and Gijs were also jumping, but then as high as possible instead of as far as possible, with a not so good competition for both unfortunately. At the same time, Marnick and Thijs were throwing against the wind at discus with 32.00 and 34.56 which was a bit disappointing. Merel L and Isabelle also suffered from the wind during the discus throw with 24.60 and 21.38.

Then it was time for some running numbers, with Lars and Casper on the heavy part, the 400 meters which they did very well with the heavy headwind. Many Kronauts also participated in the short sprint numbers, starting with the 100m by Gabriel, Stan and Marjolein with a nice result of 12.88 for Gabriel.

The next number of the day was shot put for the men with Roy with a steady 11.63. The ladies, Marjolein, Merel W and Michelle came into action in the high jump, with a silver medal for Marjolein and the bronze was for Merel W. Which was a very decent performance under the weather conditions.

The last part before the relay was the 1500 meters, with 1 participant from Enschede. Vincent ran a nice race in a personal best time of 4.31.98.

In the relay the ladies ran to the win and set a big new club record, with a good time of 51.00.

After the fun evening programme, with a pub quiz organized by Phoenix and of course Vincent who trumped Delft in the Physics jokes battle, it was Sunday morning for Thijs to kick off / throw the hammer. In the previous game it was already good for a club record and unfortunately it went a bit less now. Merel L also suffered from the rain and therefore wet ring and threw the hammer throw to a 17.85.

Many kronauts participated in the triple jump. For Roy, of course, the gold medal, and the title Dutch Student Champion 2021, but also beautiful personal records for Gijs and Marnick. Marjolein also participated in the triple jump and that resulted in a third place.

In the 200 meters, luckily with a tailwind, Stan and Gabriel sprint for the men and Michelle and Annabel for the women for good results and a personal best of 27.90 for Annabel.

Gijs, Marjolein, Merel W, Michelle and Annabel participated in the short sprint distance with obstacles, the 110mh/100mh, which resulted in a personal best for Gijs, Annabel and Michelle! With as the icing on the cake also a bronze medal for Gijs.

On the somewhat longer distance with obstacles, the 3000m Steeple, Twan ran a nice personal record of 10:47;43 after weeks of training on the water tank.

In the javelin throw, Marnick, Roy, Merel W and Michelle were on a roll with all results close to or over their personal bests and a bronze medal for Merel W!

On the 800 meters for the men it was again a busy field and Nart, Casper, Basile and Vincent ran a nice race, where Casper and Vincent competed nicely for their series win.

To close the day there was a mixed 4x400 in which 2 kronos teams participated, with a nice new club record of 3:52;22, Lars, Annabel, Merel W and Nart competed well for the win, with a nice second place! The second team consisting of Casper, Michelle, Merel L and Stan also walked nicely in the field.

All in all, the NSK Baan was another successful match with 9 medals, 2 club records and many personal records and we are looking forward to the promotion / relegation match where we will compete with a men and women team for a place in the second division!

Let's go to the promotion match!

| Michelle van Dorth

After last Thursday's track meeting, there were again many members of D.A.V. present on Sunday July 4th for a nice competition day in Emmen. It was the third competition match of the year, but the first official match that could continue again due to the relaxation of the corona measures. At EAC De Sperwers, in Emmen, the Kronauts reported in the morning to shine, grab PRs and with the ultimate goal of course: to claim our spot at the promotion match!

Despite the tight time schedule that could not be adjusted to our likings as with the previous virtual competition matches, and the fact that the schedule shifted a bit due to the stormy weather that appeared from the weather forecasts, good results have been achieved.

Marjolein and Maartje were the first to start with the 100m hurdles, they finished with a time of 16.09 for Marjolein and 18.31 for Maartje. Meanwhile, Merel and Isabelle showed themselves at the hammer throw with a distance of 18.22m and 19.54m respectively. The first men also came into action, including Roy, with a 1st place in the long jump. Daan and Tim also represented the team here. Gijs ran 17.71 in the 110mH and Fabian 21.22. Then there were 4 men ready to compete in the shotput, these were Thijs R, Roy, Fabian and Stan. After the 100m hurdles, Marjolein jumped over a nice height of 1.60m. The running events then followed, including the 800m with Nart, who ran a PR of 2.01.76, Thijs van Aalten 2.06.04, Thijs B 2.15.10 and Daan 2.26.11. For other athletes the 800m is really too long and the 100m suits them better, this also applied to Gijs, Lars, Tim and Gabriel, all 4 of whom crossed the finish line flying. Jitse and Koen showed themselves in the high jump. After the performance at the Dutch National Championships, Merel was seen again, this time in the 400m flat and despite an unexpected shortening of the warm-up she took the first place here. Maartje also performed well in this area. After the women's 400m, Thijs R, Koen, Fabian and Nart made an attempt at the hammer throw, where Thijs R managed to secure a 3rd place with a distance of 37.17 meters. The starting blocks for the 400m were ready for the men and Lars, Casper, Thijs and Willem were well encouraged by all the Kronauts present. Marjolein and Merel L shot a nice distance with the shots and Kronos was also present during the long jump that followed. Michelle took a nice 1st place with 5.01 meters. A little out of her comfort zone, but Annabel started the 1500m and pulled out all the stops for the points for Kronos. The longest distance this day was for the men, a nice 5000m, 12.5 laps on the track with Chiel, Twan and Vincent at the start. The end of the day was already in sight, but there was still 200m to be ran for both the men and the women. Merel W took 1st place here and Dunya also crossed the finish line fast. She had made a bet for a treat with a time under 28.00, unfortunately this did not come through, but all the motivation to continue training. Among the men, Gijs, Roy, Daan and Gabriël came into action, with Gijs taking the fastest time of the Kronauts with a time of 24.08. To round out the day before the storm and rain, the start of the relay was a bit early. The women's team took 1st place in the series with Annabel, Lieke, Michelle and Merel W. The men's team took a nice 3rd place with 0.45 seconds behind number 2.

In the end, the result for the teams was: 1st place for the women's team with 6354 points & a 3rd place nationally in the third division. 2nd place for the men's team 1 with 6988 points & with this a 3rd place nationally in the third division. 11th place for the men's team 2 with 4785 points & a 38th place nationally in the third division.

On September 5, we will try to get promotion with both teams at ACW '66 in Waalwijk to hopefully represent us in the second division next year.

In addition to the good results, we also enjoyed this fun day and closed the day well according to tradition! In short, it was a beautiful yet sunny and warm day with a good result. Thank you everyone for their efforts!

LAAC/MPM competiton

| Michelle van Dorth

Last Thursday, the 1st of July, the LAAC/MPM competition took place in Hengelo. The first "real" competition again for many athletes, and it felt a bit strange that all events were already set up when we got to the track. On top of that, there were finally people from other associations again. 21 Kronauts ran, jumped and threw towards nice results.

On the shortest sprinting distance (100 meters), both Gijs and Annabel ran a personal best with 11,67 and 13,53. On the 400 meters, Thijs van Aalten ran 56,01. Merel W and Annabel also competed in this event and crossed the finish line in 59,68 and 1:05,48, which meant a second personal best already this evening for Annabel. Marjolein also competed in this distance, but with some hurdles in her way. She finished this event with a new personal best time of 1:06,76.

Vincent decided to run a 1000 meter and finished in a time of 2:54,71. Four Kronos men (Thies, Chiel, Ivo and Twan) ran the 5000 meter, Renee also ran this distance in the women's category. Thies and Chiel finished within 2 seconds after eachother in 16:31,96 and 16:33,17, followed by Ivo who also managed to stay within the 17 minutes with a time of 16:58,87. Twan ran 17:07,05 and Renee crossed the finish line after 17:19,04.

It was now time for the real powerhouses of Kronos to show what they got in the throwing events. Marnick and Thijs R competed in the discus throw and threw 36,91m and 34,25m. In the women's category, Merel L and Isabelle finished with a distance of 25,37m and 24,46m. Nice distances were also thrown in the shot put, with a personal best distance of 11,74m for Thijs R and decent distances of 11,28m and 11,27m for Roy and Marjolein.

In the high jump, three men competed, Jitse, Gijs and Koen, all of them jumped a nice 1.70m. Two women competed in this event, Marjolein jumped 1.55m and Michelle 1.50m. Gijs also competed in the triple jump, which resulted in a second personal best for him this evening with a distance of 11,21m. Twan managed to pole vault himself over a height of 2.70m and Roy took the win in the long jump with 6.54m. In the long jump, Michelle, Annabel and Isabelle also competed. They jumped 5.09m, 4.88m and 4.21m, which meant a third personal best this evening for Annabel!

The last event of the evening was the 2000 meters steeple chase. 3 Kronauts competed in this event, cheered on by the other Kronauts, who managed to claim a first row seat near the water jump, to be able to witness the action. Nart finished first of the three Kronos men in a time of 6:55,51, followed by Twan, who ran 7:24,61. Koen completed the field of Kronos men with a time of 8:21,14.

After the wet clothes were switched for dry, warm ones and the bags were packed again, it was time to return home. A few days of rest are ahead, before travelling to the competiton in Emmen on Sunday and show them what we got!

Fun technical events turn out to be CB-activity!

| Thijs van Aalten

Already a week has passed since a very mysterious activity was on the schedule. The board promised us a “Fun technical events + drink”. Once gathered at the verreveld it appeared to be a disguised CB-interest activity. Fortunately, this didn’t spoil the fun! Five playful disciplines were completed, each inspired by one of the five usual Kronos board functions. This way, everyone could check in a playful way which function suits him or her best.

The qualities of the chairmanship were tested by throwing the chairmanhammer. Marjolein immediately made clear that she fulfilled the function of match secretary a few years ago by throwing the hammer completely the wrong way and making it land in the ditch. Secretary Koen made us spell the names of the board members before completing a difficult parcours backwards. As preparation for the treasurership everyone had to yeet filled plastic cups as far as possible. As a match secretary, you should be able to handle a shot and discus, so a game of tic-tac-toe (also known by the Dutchies as butter, cheese and eggs) was played. A cone was placed in the square if a shot or dicus landed there. Finally, an internal commissioner knows how to bind members ánd is also called a commissioner beer relay. Therefore, members completed a beer relay in which they were tied together and had to complete a parcours.

Of course, the evening finished with a drink at our friends of Ludica, where Ivo the current treasurer stood out in several ways. He showed his generosity by treating everyone on their first drink. Then, he drank a few beers like it was water. Also a shoutout to Vincent, who showed his strong point by breaking into one of the tennis courts.

Did you think after this phenomenal activity: I want to be in the next Kronos board! Then don’t wait and send in an application letter to the board ( in which you explain why you want to be in the 66th board of D.A.V. Kronos. Also indicate your preference board function (and maybe a second choice). If you have any questions, feel free to contact someone from the board.

2nd Virtual Competition

| Lars van der Valk

On the rainy morning of the 23rd of may the first kronauts were present in the FBK stadium in rainy Hengelo at 11 o’clock. The JKG committee had gained permission to make use of the stadium. The first events were set up quickly with the help of a few extra Kronauts. The JKG committee also arranged it so that the speaker installation in the stadium could be accessed. They also arranged a microphone, which made it possible to hear the high quality commentary of highly trained commentators such as Jitse, Thijs A, Willem and Lars.

As a nice entry, the first event was the 400m hurdles, the first event was occupied by two gentlemen, Willem and Fabian. Willem had already predicted that he would most definitely trip over one of the hurdles. Sadly this didn’t happen, so maybe it’s time to give up your hobby as a fortune teller. After the height was adjusted it was Merel W her turn over the hurdles with Annabel in the same heat, but running next to the hurdles. After an exciting race they crossed the line only a second apart.

While the hurdles were being put back on the carts Jitse and Lars kicked off pole vault with their support act before the real competition started. Not that much later they were shown by Nart, Fabian, Gijs and Twan on how it’s really done with a real bar instead of a cord. Twan won this one by flying over 2,80m.

While these men were flying through the air, Renee ran her 3000m on her own again. She was planning on Casper pacing her, but he cancelled earlier in the morning. After Merel W’s plan to turn it into a long relay by all pacing a bit of her 3000m fell in the water because only she and Lars were in for it, Karin offered to ride on the bike next to her. That was maybe also a bit of a better idea and with a quite alright time of 10:25,4 in not quite alright weather, she can be fairly happy.

Finally it was time for the best occupied running event of the day, the 100m. The ladies were allowed to go first, as we learned during the gala pubquiz. Annabel was the fastest of the ladies with a time of 14,1 with Maartje only lacking 0,1 second behind. Roy won his heat with a gap of a full second to the number two.

Immediately to the best occupied throwing event of the day, the shot put. A small miracle took place which turned out to be no miracle. Isabelle put her shot over 9 meters. After a strong example of self-knowledge she decided to check the weight of her shot with Thijs R. It turned out to be the new diet the shot was on, it had lost a full kilogram. The men had no such problems and Thijs R and Roy put a gap of a full two meters between themselves and the competition.

While the shots were still flying towards the outer atmosphere, the starting shot for the 800m could be heard. Jitse immediately took off on the right pace as discussed with Lars. He brought them through the bell at the agreed pace of a 1:04 first lap. Lars was leading the pack through the 400 with Thijs A on his heels. The bettle was very close up to the finish. Lars was just able to keep Thijs A and Nart charging from the back behind him and crossed the finish line in a time of 2:11,5. After a closer analysis of the finish photo it was decided that Thijs A had defended his place from Nart. With the first 400m of the 800m in his legs as warming up Jitse started with the 1500m. Because he paced Lars on the 800m, Lars paced him on the 1500m with the help of a bike. Twan also biked with them for mental support.. After a perfect opening the pace was feeling quite fast, but this was expected as could be read on his hand: ‘Splits: 55, 2:08, 3:21, dead’ Death only came a little bit earlier than expected. He crossed the finish line in a time of 4:53,0 in the harsh weather.

While Jitse was doing his rounds and the right boards were placed in the right positions, kronauts could fly through the air again, this time without a pole and as far as possible, not as high. Roy jumped more distance than three times his own body height with a distance of 6,15m. Michelle jumped the furthest of all the ladies present with only missing the 5 meter mark with one centimeter to spare.

With the long jump done, 5 kronauts could be found at the start of the 200m. Serie one consisting of Maartje and Dunya was quite exciting. Maartje narrowly took the win with her with a time of 30,4, only half a second ahead of Dunya. In the second series Gabriel, Daan and Ron were in the starting blocks. Ron walked away with the win with a time of 26,4 and a gap of exactly one second to the other two runners. After examination of the finish photo, second place was given to Daan.

One hour and 50 minutes after the 800m, all 800m runners and Fabian could be found at the start of the 3000m steeplechase. Most were not really looking forward to it, but that is exactly what motivated them to do it. In the first round it looked as if Twan run away with the win but nothing was less true. After the first water passage he was 20 meters behind Nart due to an underestimation of the skills required to pass over the water.Nart won this one on technicality with a nice time of 11:27,7.

The high jump, also known as jumping into a wet sponge, was quite a challenge in the rain, which was also reflected in the results. Nobody could match their own PRs. But under the circumstances they were all not far from it. Michelle was 5cm below it, Gijs and Tim were both 10cm below their PR respectively. All in all, not the greatest disaster ever.

The second 400m of the day was run, but now without hurdles. Willem and Roy turned it into an exciting match. In the first 200m it seemed as if Willem could not match Roy's speed and had to drop a small hole. But on the last part Willem was better able to maintain his speed and he almost closed it again. In the nick of time Roy took the win with a time of 59.7 with Willem behind by just under 0.4 seconds.

The second 400m of the day was run, but now without hurdles. Willem and Roy turned it into an exciting match. In the first 200m it seemed as if Willem could not match Roy's speed and had to drop a small hole. But on the last part Willem was better able to maintain his speed and he almost closed it again. In the nick of time Roy took the win with a time of 59.7 with Willem behind by just under 0.4 seconds.

While the two gentlemen ran around, spears also flew through the air. only lists the best throws because they used signs. The bad weather was not a negative factor for all athletes. For example, Julia added a nice 5 centimeters to her PR.

Then it was finally time for the final relay. Here we had a men and women team on it. Kronos women consisted of: Maartje, Dunya, Julia and Michelle. Kronos Mannen consisted of: Tim, Daan, Willem and Gabriel. Then there was a mixed team called Isabelle and the beasts, which consisted of: Isabelle, Thijs, Nart and Lars. Of course, each team had practiced very well on their changes and nothing went on spec. The victory went to the team Isabelle and the beasts thanks to a few lesser changes in the team Kronos Men. But the biggest contributor was final runner Thijs who found a 6th gear halfway through his 100m. He crossed the line just under half a second earlier than Gabriel. This of course had to be celebrated extensively.

All in all, a very successful day. Of course a very big "thank you" to Merel W's parents who wanted to help again. Thanks to all other volunteers too. In addition, of course, all athletes who have made it a great fun day again and made for an almost real competition feeling. Last but not least: also the JKG committee that made the whole day possible!

Looking for a new candidate board!

| Dunya van Zanten

Spring this means that the end of this academic year is almost in sight and that it is also time for a new candidate board!

As a board you are mainly responsible for keeping the association running and everything that goes with it. At D.A.V. Kronos is the part-time board position, which means that you can still do your studies on the side. In principle, everyone on our board has just had a "normal" year of study. In addition, a board at D.A.V. Kronos are super fun! In addition to getting to know your board mates very well, you also learn how managing an association works and it is of course good on your resume to have managed an association;)

Because we understand that it might be difficult to see if it is something for you, each of us typed a short piece about what we do in our position and how we like it.

Dunya van Zanten - Chairman My name is Dunya and I am the chairman of this fun association! As chairman I am mainly concerned with leading the meetings, maintaining contact with external parties and keeping an overview. Because of my position I also have a lot of contact with members, which makes this position very nice. You are also actively involved with everything that goes on within the association and you are present at many activities. This, too, makes a board year at D.A.V. Kronos nice! If you have more questions about my position, feel free to send me a message;)

Koen Kroep - Secretary My name is Koen and this year I am the secretary of D.A.V. Kronos. As a secretary you keep track of the membership administration, you register all new members with Kronos and you deregister all departing members. Because of this task you have a lot of contact with members, which makes secretary a great position within the board. The nice thing about a board year is that you get to know the members and the association well in addition to your fellow board members.

Ivo Stapel - Treasurer n recent months I have been able to perform the wonderful task of treasurer, and I would like to tell you what that entails. As treasurer you are responsible for the financial administration of Kronos. This means that you pay invoices and declarations, make collections from the members and make and send invoices to external parties. You also have to keep an overview of the finances of the association and everyone comes to you asking for money. You are also responsible for the sponsoring committee (and possibly other committees). Finally, and that is one of the biggest tasks, you prepare the financial (semi) annual report and the budget that you have to justify at the GMMs. I wanted to do board to get to know the other side of the association better, that of all the organization around the training, competitions and activities. I also wanted to do this position because it really teaches you new specific skills (related to bookkeeping and financial administration) that generally come in handy. I myself had very little experience with finances, but with enough help from the former treasurers and a nice script, I learned a lot in a short time. If you want to know more about what it means to be a treasurer, you can always contact me;)

Renee Sijbesma - Match secretary Hi everybody! I am Renee Sijbesma, 20 years old and currently the match secretary of D.A.V. Kronos! This is now my second year at this nice association and after my first year I immediately opted for a great board year with my nice board mates Dunya, Koen and Ivo. As match secretary you are responsible for the conduct and planning of competitions that are organized among the athletics associations. You are active with both the training committee and committees for the various tournaments / matches that take place in a year. In addition, you are expected to be present on those days to ensure that you make it a fun day for your members and that everything runs smoothly and clearly. Would you like to be in charge of the competitions with the association next year, let us know! If you have any questions about this position, you can always contact me! :)

1st virtual competition

| Lars van der Valk

Last Sunday, the moment was finally there! The first virtual competition was a go and gave 28 Kronauts the chance to get back in the spirits of competition. For many of them, this was their first time experiencing a competition day.

The day started early with the preparation of the events, within the hour everything was ready to go thanks to the many hands available. Under the instruction of Michelle, the joint warming up was started. As if small ducks waddling in a polonaise everyone did what was asked of them. With a nice warming up done the first athletes could attack the hurdles. Marjolein and Merel W made sure the first heat brought an exciting race with a really nice 15,9s and 15,8 respectively. An hour later shot put was started, Thijs R gave a masterclass for the rotational technique and put the shot 11,51m away from him for a new pr. A bit later Marjolein got informed by Jitse that he got a call from André Kuipers that the shot could definitely be a bit lower. Eventually Anouk, Ivo and Maartje also put pr's. As 13 Kronauts were pushing against shots, Renee was started away for her 3000m with Jasper as pacer on the bike beside her. After a tough bata weekend running a few stints, she still ran a 10:24 on brand new spikes. After Renee was cheered on and the group photo was taken around the letters, the high jump could start. The level, just like the bar, was very high. Up to 1,55, the jury could almost note no faults. On the other hand, 1,60m was a true battlefield, over half of the participants had to leave the competition. Out of this battlefield, there were two people with a small victory both Fabian and Michelle could note down a new pr of 1,55. Koen, Gabe-Jan and Tim all jumped a very strong competition, but couldn’t tip Gijs who flew over 1,75. After which he tried 1,76 for a new pr but sadly wasn’t able to clear it. Not that much later you could hear the start for the 200 meters, which in reality up to the last two heats was 190m long. After a sharp observation from Gabriel, the starting blocks were moved to the right lines. Out of the last two heats, there was still one pr for Daan of 26,6. Around midday, the goodie bags filled by Roy and Michelle were handed out. As the sprinters for the 100m were warming up, the hop skip & jump was started with a record amount of participants: three. When warming up Isabelle twisted her ankle a bit. But still, she jumped a pr of 8,34 in her second try. For the two men, their second try was their best as well, but not enough for a pr. As soon as hop skip & jump was done, the first clap could be heard for the 100 meters. Tim and Lars had the honour of being the first ones started away by Vincent. Both ran a new pr of around 12,1 and 12,3. Which one is right is still the question, apparently clocking short distances by hand is fairly difficult. But again, with a blistering time of 12,0, Gijs couldn’t be beaten. In the ladies' heats, both Myrthe and Annabel came over the line in a time of 13,7. In the last heat our chairwoman Dunya, with a time of 15,6, came over the line 2 whole seconds behind our treasurer Ivo who ran a 13,6. As the first heat of the 100m was started away, the first discus flew through the air. Again Thijs R showed us all how to play frisbee with a very respectable distance of 37,68. Jitse went undercover as Fabian and had Dunya, who was tasked with measuring, completely fooled until she realised that Fabian had never thrown that far. Next to the banter, there were pr’s for Anouk, Fabian (yes a Fabian himself as well), Jitse (not as Fabian), Thijs A and Ivo. With discus still in full swing, the 400m participants started their warming up and realised that they had already done a lot that day. After 3 heats it was clear again: a 400m is still a very hard event. Every runner went all the way in, which can be clearly spotted in the small 2000 pictures which were taken that day. Merel was the fastest lady with a time of 1:00,6 at the moment of crossing the finish. For the men, Lars crossed the line first with a pr of 56,2. After a few Kronauts were drowning in the lactic acid build-up it was time for javelin. Jitse was prepared to completely throw his elbow to smithereens, with success apparently and threw a 45,42. Marjolein threw the farthest with a distance of 31,32. During the warming up Lars threw a spear which on impact broke in two. Ivo challenged him to fix it with duct tape and sticks which could be found around the track and throw with it. Ivo even upped the stakes, if Lars threw it further than 23 meters, which is what Ivo threw, he would get a six-pack Klok. After three improving tries, he could only manage to get within 3 meters. With only the long jump and the Swedish relay to go, the Kronauts left in a big group towards the sandpit. Amongst the encouragement and cheers from their co-Kronauts Anouk, Tim, Gijs, Gabe-Jan and Bas were able to jump new pr’s. Eventually, Roy showed he has the technique, but not the consistency in the run-up with only one valid jump. Michelle showed the complete opposite with every jump being valid and ending up with the furthest distance of 5,05m. After a bit of puzzling to make the teams the Swedish relay could finally start. In the first heat team MMMA, Ivo’s Harem and Team Zooitje had to take it up against each other. Team Zooitje crossed the finish line first and Ivo’s Harem wasn’t able to finish in front of MMMA. In the second heat, it was Kronos Mannen Team 1 and 2 against Sprintgroup 4. They all crossed the line within 10 seconds of each other. Team 1 ran towards the win with a gap of six seconds to Team 2 which in their right took another 4 seconds on Sprintgroup 4. Sprintgroup 4 really should train a bit harder if they want to compete next time.

After a long day of running around, competing and bantering the volunteers and athletes of course deserved a bit too cold can of klok! We want to thank all the volunteers who made this day possible, everyone who took some pictures and contributed to the small 2000 pictures and of course the athletes helping with the great atmosphere at the track!